My aim here is to document my training, with the aim of sharing it with my club and association (www.nwtkd.co.uk).


First, a little about myself.

I have trained in various Martial Arts since the age of 12 or so. I started off with Jujitsu, then changed to Karate (Shotokan) and, more recently, Taekwondo (ITF). I’ve also delved into a couple of other arts, such as Aikido and kickboxing. It’s only recently that I have discovered the practical side of training and am interested in the Patterns/kata and how they can be interpreted. I am a member of the NWTKD association, based in Preston, England and have been since 2012.

My general interests can be seen throughout this blog (The evening artist) but I try to use Taekwondo/Karate as an inspiration for my art, so you will see drawings of Martial Artists based on Photographs that I have taken at Competitions and Training etc. You might recognise yourself in there one day! Please feel free to have a look around.

Anyway, back to training.

My idea is record my training in a series of blogs and relate them back to this page via a link. I will draw in links from other sources, such as my Facebook page (oaboo) for photographs, as well as link to other external sources.

Chloe Bruce Training

Thought I would share the photograph of me and (one of) my Instructor, John Grime.


Also, just recently attended Iain Abernethy’s seminar at Thornton Cleveleys. I’ve attended several of these now and they are always fantastic.



Took part in the first Black Belt Training session of 2017

Lesson plan #1

Lesson #1 review