Where to start? I have always been interested in art. Having left school, I enrolled in an Art Foundation class at Knowlsey Central Tertiary College (KCTC), Merseyside. I then moved onto a Graphic Design course at City College, Liverpool. After unsuccessfully trawling around the Graphic Design companies in Liverpool, I enrolled on a Computer Aided Design (CAD) course at Blackpool and secured my first Full time job.

Workwise, I had fallen into a CAD role and stayed at this company for several years. I then decided to move into a new direction and studied on an IT course. I then gained work in the National Health Service (NHS) on the IT side of things. Having gained my Computing degree at the University of Central Lancashire, I moved into teaching and finally, have gone back into the NHS as an IT trainer.

All the while, I continued to practice Art in one way or another. I had a stint as a web designer, as well as creating signs and labels using Desktop Publishing. Being creative, I was coerced into doing the school displays for my daughter and kept my hand in by doing the odd painting or drawing here and there.

However, recently I have decided that I must get more serious about my art and I would even like to start taking on commissions. Hence, this website. If you feel that my art might be suitable for you, please get in touch. I do Pencil drawings, Oil paintings and Pastel drawings, as well as photography.

You may be wondering, why the Evening Artist? It’s because I do most of my art in the evening, after work and family commitments