Lesson plan #1 Review

The lesson went well, I thought. I was really pleased with the group and had 6 students to teach. All knew the pattern and 3 were Dan grades, so they helped the other lower grades. I took the warm up and managed to keep to the times I had set myself, although the pattern section stretched out to 30 minutes instead of 2o. This was ok, as I dropped the extras I had set at the end of the lesson, in case it under ran.

The main drawbacks were remembering the terminology; low block instead of downward block, Walking stance instead of front stance etc, although I did manage to sneak in some Korean names. Must try and remember Charot (attention), Kyong Ye (bow), Junbi (ready) and Si Jak (begin) etc. I also jumped between numbers in English and Korean.

One thing I was really pleased about was the end, where we reworked my original idea and came up with a better alternative. The group were engaged and offered suggestions to make the exercise better than the original. Great stuff to see the students thinking about what they are doing.

I was nervous and forgot a few little things, but overall, very pleased with the way it went. I’ve not had any feedback yet from my Instructor, but waiting to see what comes back. I can take away some confidence in the fact that I can plan a reasonable lesson and see it through in the Dojang. I can also see that I have worked in some basic ideas about how patterns work and made the students think about what they are doing instead of just rehearsing for a grading. I get the sense that the lower grades really enjoyed the session.

My main outcome is that I can see that I can use the explanation of patterns to make it more interesting and not get dragged into teaching self defense, although it is more practical in the end. If people have a better understanding of the patterns, then that is an end in itself.



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