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I have created a channel on Youtube that shows how I create eLearning courses using Articulate Storyline. You can access the channel here or through the eLearning page on this site. Please have a look.


Lesson plan #1 Review

The lesson went well, I thought. I was really pleased with the group and had 6 students to teach. All knew the pattern and 3 were Dan grades, so they helped the other lower grades. I took the warm up and managed to keep to the times I had set myself, although the pattern section stretched out to 30 minutes instead of 2o. This was ok, as I dropped the extras I had set at the end of the lesson, in case it under ran.

The main drawbacks were remembering the terminology; low block instead of downward block, Walking stance instead of front stance etc, although I did manage to sneak in some Korean names. Must try and remember Charot (attention), Kyong Ye (bow), Junbi (ready) and Si Jak (begin) etc. I also jumped between numbers in English and Korean.

One thing I was really pleased about was the end, where we reworked my original idea and came up with a better alternative. The group were engaged and offered suggestions to make the exercise better than the original. Great stuff to see the students thinking about what they are doing.

I was nervous and forgot a few little things, but overall, very pleased with the way it went. I’ve not had any feedback yet from my Instructor, but waiting to see what comes back. I can take away some confidence in the fact that I can plan a reasonable lesson and see it through in the Dojang. I can also see that I have worked in some basic ideas about how patterns work and made the students think about what they are doing instead of just rehearsing for a grading. I get the sense that the lower grades really enjoyed the session.

My main outcome is that I can see that I can use the explanation of patterns to make it more interesting and not get dragged into teaching self defense, although it is more practical in the end. If people have a better understanding of the patterns, then that is an end in itself.


Lesson plan #1 – modified after lesson

1 Hour session
10 min warm up
10 min Basics

  • 3 x Low block (L+R)
  • 3 x lunge punch (L+R)
  • 3 x High block (L+R)
  • 3 x lunge punch (L+R)

Chonji Pattern

Breakdown of pattern (Partner up, using focus mitts) 30 minutes

  • Left 1st downward block, lunge punch
  • Right 2nd downward block, lunge punch
  • Left 3rd downward block, lunge punch (running out of time)
  • Right 4th downward block, lunge punch (running out of time)
  • Left 1st high block, lunge punch
  • Right 2nd high block, lunge punch
  • Left 3rd high block, lunge punch (running out of time)
  • Right 4th high block, lunge punch (running out of time)

Put gloves on (didn’t get to put the gloves on)
Pattern based sparring – swap partners (taking it easy with beginners)

Alternative finish 10 minutes

Chair in the middle of a circle of people (all have focus mitts), take it in turns to move to each person, do a combination, then return to the chair. Work around the circle.

Group hold paddles, 2 people work through the group using low block/lunge punch combo. Hit all paddles, then swap
Group hold paddles, 2 people work through the group using high block/lunge punch combo. Hit all paddles, then swap

Extras (end moves for Chonji)
2 punches fwd, 2 punches back

Black Belt Training

Took part in the first Black belt training session of 2017 today, good training throughout and joined halfway through by the Blue Belts and above. Some good talent coming through in those grades, which is nice to see.


We did:

  • 2 step sparring
  • 3 step sparring
  • Joong Gun
  • Toi Gye
  • Choong moo
  • Ge Baek
  • Po Eun
  • Kwange

Really need to commit to learning the 2 step and 3 step sparring routines. I find them difficult to remember, as we do not do them often in training. This has now become necessary for the gradings, so need to get down to it.

Youtube videos of 2 step and 3 step sparring



Chloe Bruce

Had the honour of training with Chloe Bruce recently, lovely lass and very skilled.


Chloe was showing us one of her windmill type kicks

OA: Where would the opponent be when doing this kick?

CB: We don’t do this against opponents, it’s only for show

Sorry Chloe, it’s my default position when training. I see everything through a practical approach, even when it is for demonstration purposes!

eLearning update

I have had to remove some of my eLearning videos, as they clash with work policies etc. Let this be a lesson to you, check that you do not contravene any policies or fall foul of any copyright laws before you post examples of your courses (created for your employer). I will be creating some newer examples and get them placed on my eLearning page asap.