SeaScape #1


Can’t believe I haven’t thought of this before! After having had a go at a few landscapes, I’ve decided to try some SeaScapes. I’ve been looking at some videos by Dennis Sheehan, where he takes a more abstract view of landscapes. I want to take his approach and see if I can paint some seascape paintings.

My dad was in the Merchant Navy, so I have had a small affinity with the sea for some time and it occurred to me that I should use that in my painting. The difficulty with that is getting reference material and relying on photographs by other people.

Regardless, I’ll give it a go and post what I create. I’d appreciate any comments you might have on my work in future.


View near Sizergh Castle


Painting of a view near Sizergh Castle

I’m really pleased with the tree and foliage on this painting, but not so pleased with the sky. I used too much thinners and it washed out, hence the lines. Not the effect I was after. Also, the white area in the upper left corner looks like the sun and not the cloud it was meant to be.

However, the foliage has worked out better than I expected. I let it dry overnight, so it was easier to overpaint some of the areas and I was able to scratch in a few lines to suggest foliage (see the bottom of the tree and the hedge on the left).

I think the trunk needed more work, but the branches show through the foliage of the tree, which has worked better than I imagined.