Another attempt at a Landscape


My latest attempt at a landscape. This time I used a natural sponge to put the foliage in


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Thanks to the 11 followers I have on my blog, chuffed to bits. As they say, from little acorns grow mighty oaks! I’m proud to have you on board and hope to do my best for you

View from Sizergh Castle


I based this painting on a photograph I took of the view from near Sizergh Castle while out for a walk with my wife. I am trying out painting landscapes and am following some of the tips set out by Bob Ross. I am struggling with painting light over dark, particularly on the tree foliage, as it just mixes in together. Bob says that you should paint thin paint over think, so that it sticks better, but mine just glazes the under colour. Too thin perhaps? Anyway, I’m not happy with the tree on the right, as I tried to smooth it out and lost some of the definition , which is why there is a blue haze around it. Very pleased with the sky though the clouds could be a bit fluffier. I feel that I am going in the right direction with this type of painting and can only improve.