2nd attempt at painting a tree


This is my second attempt at painting a tree. It is the same tree that I used in my first attempt, but I have tried to address some of the concerns I identified. So, I have painted a better background and used less of a blocky style. Instead, I have tried to paint the dark areas first, then the lighter foliage, then the highlights. It seems to have worked and I am pleased with the look and finish of the painting. It is still only a study, which is why the grid is still in place. I might remove that, once it is dry.



It occurred to me that I haven’t got any of my photographs on the site and, therefore, I should create a page with some of them on. I have posted photos to the web before, as well as my Facebook page, but I would like to have some here to show what I am capable of and the subjects I like to capture. I will be adding a page in the immediate future.

Update: I have now added the page for photographs

Tree painting


This is my first attempt at painting a tree. I decided that I should start painting landscapes and thought that this would be a good start. It’s more of a study and not how I want my trees to look. I guess that I will also paint them a bit further in the distance too. I’m not happy with them dark background to the canopy of the tree and think I might paint that a bit more in the style I have used for the lighter parts of the tree. I will also paint the background in sky blue first. It was a worthy exercise, just to work out how I want trees to look in future paintings.