Karate is my muse. I am starting my blog, with the aim of bringing all of my drawings, paintings and general art to one place. And I noticed that I have created a lot of art that reflects my interest in Karate. Some of my portraits show me wearing a Karate Gi, while I have a series of Pastel drawings based around the Fist. So, yes, I use Karate as my muse. It seems the older I get, the more interesting material I find in the Martial Arts in general, but particularly the Karate kata. There are so many techniques to draw, not to mention the interplay between Karate opponents. I find it fascinating.


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    • Thanks for the comment. The design is a WordPress Theme called “Something Fishy” which appealed to me because a friend of mine had a shop called that and my Dad worked at sea, so I have always had an affinity with water. Plus, I liked the design!

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