Daily Prompt: Learning

via Daily Prompt: Learning

I consider myself a lifelong learner. I can’t believe how easy it is these days to learn something new. Get on the Internet, especially Youtube, and you can learn about anything you please. I am currently following a method for oil painting, as proposed by Mark carder of drawmixpaint. It is fantastic and Mark gives his time and efforts so freely. I’m not doing his teaching any justice at the moment, but I feel that I am moving in the right direction.

One of the things I have done all my life is Martial Arts, have a look at some of artwork and you will see the subject is, mostly, Karate or TaeKwonDo. I have reached 2nd Dan in Karate and thought there was not much else to learn, just hone my skills. However, I have attended some seminars given by Iain Abernethy and I have had my eyes opened as to how much more there is still to learn. Fantastic. I’m hoping to do more with lain and I follow his ideas on his website and through his Youtube channel. Again, it is amazing how much people will share with you, in the hope that you will start learning.


Blue Bowl


I’ve attempted to paint a small blue bowl that I found in the kitchen. In terms of getting it as realistic as possible, I think it is a long way off. However, I’m quite proud of it. I’m particularly pleased with the base, it has a painterly feel about it that I would like to replicate across the whole painting. Something to work towards, perhaps? I have photographed the painting, but the original includes a lot more of the background that you can’t see in this image. I’d like to know what you think of it.

Daily Prompt: Carry

via Daily Prompt: Carry

I’m going to carry forward one of my first posts regarding my Goals,

I have carried out my first goal, which was to start following 15 – 20 blogs by the 31st August, 2016. I’m pleased to say that they are a mixture of Art and Photography blogs, as well as some people who have kindly followed my blog.

Carrying on with the Carry prompt, I intend to carry on with meeting my other goals within the deadlines! Let me know what you think of me meeting my first deadline.

Pencil drawing


Ive attempted to draw a glass bottle, see above. The photo is a bit grey, compared to the original, but it could do with being a little darker. I’m thinking that I would like to try an oil painting based on the same subject or similar.

Older paintings

I realised that there are some of my older paintings hanging on my wall that I haven’t posted, so I thought that I would share them. They are my attempts at doing landscapes. While I am not particularly a landscape painter, I am pleased with some aspects of them. I’d be pleased to hear what you think of them

Board Breaking


With regard to breaking boards, Tae Kwon Do is famous the world over. But, teaching students to break a board can be the hardest thing to do. Surface, in this context, has two meanings. The most obvious meaning is the surface of the board.

When breaking a board, it is important that you strike through the surface of the board, usually somewhere behind the back of it. Hitting on the surface has no effect on the board i.e. it will not break! But, this is where the second meaning comes into it.

In order to successfully break the board, it requires a certain amount of confidence, something that cannot be taught. On the surface, a student might look confident. But, underneath, they might doubt their abilities and not commit to the strike. It’s a bit catch-22, they get confidence by breaking the board, but until they break the board, they are not confident about success.

All you can do, is show them the techniques and let them have a go!